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Level Editor
« on: January 07, 2011, 04:17:10 PM »
This is my wishlist for how a level editor of the future should look like! I always get some ideas when I am bored and just wanted to share them. I put new suggestions in italic.

The whole thing should be accessible from the start menu. When you click it, the map editor will open.

When you are ready with the map, you can navigate through menus and choose your settings:

Name: "write something"
Level Briefing: "write something"

Disable Money: [ x ] (some may like this, I think it makes the game less interesting)
Start Cash: < 50.000 >
Start Loan: < 50.000 > (usually you start a business with a loan, maybe not in a campaign)
Start Reputation: < 500 > (affects patient spawning rate from the start of the level)

Interest Rate: < 3% >
Inflation Rate (maybe)
Drug cost: < 100% >
Heating cost: < 100% > (maybe)

Drug efficiency: < 90% >

Patient spawning rate:  very low < low < normal > high > very high
Wealth: low < normal > high (wealthy patiens will pay more for treatment.)
Number of patients having insurance: < 25% > (patients with insurance care less about the price, but you receive the payment later.)

Mortality: low < normal > high (how fast do patients die, when they are unhappy)
Tolerance for litter: very low < low < normal > high (how much litter is needed to make them unhappy.)
Tolerance for waiting: low < normal > high (how long does is take for a patient to be "fed up and leaving")
Litter caused by patients: low < normal > high
Thirst of patients: low < normal > high

everything that is under staff configuration in the level file.
Training, happiness triggers, salaries, staff avaibility..

Optional features: if they need to go to the toilets, if they get thirsty and buy drinks or coffee (a coffee machine in the staff room would be nice.). Maybe even a cafeteria, where they will go after the staff room. I think for some levels it could be nice to have a big staff area with a staff room, cafeteria, research and training, but it should be optional.

[ x ] Earthquakes: how often? low < normal > high
[ x ] Epimedics
             what triggers epidemics?
             aftermath: bonus/penalty for money and reputation, evacuation
[ x ] Emergencies: how often? low < normal > high
             number of patients ranging from: < 2 > to <15>
             how much time do you have?
             bonus per patient: < 1200 > (I think that's standard)
[ x ] Crowds: Emergency you can't refuse. see this one: /topic,973.0.html]http://forums.corsix-th.com/index.php
[ x ] VIP: how often?  low < normal > high
             how to please him?
             how much bonus do you get
[ x ] Very Important Patient: You get a fax just like normal VIP
             He looks like any patient with a star above his head. He needs to be diagnosed and treated, then you
             you will get a huge money and reputation bonus, but if he leaves, your reputation goes down,
             even more if you kill him. Tolerance for litter and waiting is very low by default and you have only a set
             amount of time before he dies. He will also leave quickly if he is unhappy.

[ x ] Heating breakdown: This was quite annoying in the original, it happened way too often and you couldn't
             do anything about it. Instead, a handyman should be needed to repair it.
[ x ] Power supply needed: (When the infrastructure of the surrounding area is not reliable)
             Enabling this will make a power supply available as an extra room.
             The more machines you have, the more it will cost monthly.
             If you have many machines, you may need a second one.
             Needs maintenance of a handyman, otherwise your machines will stop working. It won't blow up.

[ x ] Soda machine breakdown: as suggested by Grimdoc.
[ x ] Toilets need to be cleaned: Else patients will get unhappy or stop using the toilets.
            also affected by tolerance for litter.
[ x ] Patient breakdown: a patient breaks down in the corridors and requires immediate attention.

Disease -                     Appearing - from start - first appereance - occurence - can come from emergency
Visual: Bloaty Head                [ x ] -    [  ]      - < 3 months >       - <25%>      -  [ x ]
Non Visual: Uncommon Cold  [ x ] -    [ x ]       - < 0 months >       - <25%>    -  [  ]
Custom: Helvetica Scenario   [  ]  -    [  ]         - < 24 months >    - <50%>     -  [ x ]

In this case, the level has 3 diseases. Helvetica Scenario appears more often than other diseases, but it can only come from emergencies.

Research Points Divisor: < 5 >
How much research points are added from autopsy: < 40000 >

Objects                          Available
Training                         [ x ]
Video Game                   [ x ] (for the staff room, I think this came in level 6 in the original)
Coffee vending machine[ x ]

Machines        Available - from start - strength - Research Required - Research Required for Improvement
Inflator                   [ x ]       [ x ]             <8>              0                           <80000>
Scanner                  [ x ]       [  ]              <12>            <40000>               <20000>
Atom Analyser        [ x ]       [  ]                0                <120000>              0
+custom machines
(I don't know if the Atom Analyser had an effect, except looking good and giving hospital value. But it should. Suggestion: Sometimes the low skilled doctors make a false diagnosis. The atom analyser prevents that.)

+you should be able to drag them in the right position. Low in the list will be researched later. With an exception: using the autopsy will start research on this disease.

Drugs (maybe give them names) - Research Required for Improvement - how much efficiency it adds
Uncommon Cold -                           <60000>                                             <7%>

Award               - Value       -   Bonus
Cans of coke       <200>         <10000>
Reputation          <850>         <20000>
Death Bonus       0                  <10000>
[add one]

Winning Conditions: [add one] -> a box pops up where you can choose an objective
Losing Conditions: [add one]


One thing that would make an awesome new challenge: If you could take any saved game and make a new level out of it, so that all the rooms, hired staff, patients, litter and everything is already there. So you get a miserable hospital and have to improve it.

My Ideas for objectives: (I posted something like that in the old forums.)
do something in a set amount of time, e.g.:
cure 50 patients in one year
earn $1.000.000 in one year
You lose, if your hospital is worth less than $150.000 after 4 years.
keep a reputation of over 700 for one year. (After that year, your reputation doesn't matter anymore.)

Or stuff like that:
Shoot over 9000 rats.
Cover up 10 epidemics
you must please 5 VIPs
Treat 20 emergencies (cure all of them).
You lose, when 3 of your machines have blown up
You lose, if you kill 5 emergency patients.
You must employ 15 consultants.
You must have at least 20 beds in the ward.
Sell 1000 cans of soda.
Research drug efficiency to 100%.
Research all machines and improve them to maximum.

You get the idea.

I think this is the longest post I have ever written in a forum.


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Re: Level Editor
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2011, 09:21:55 PM »
Wow, you've certainly put a lot of thought into it, good job! I think we'll have to take it as a TODO list for the time being, it's a rather lot to take in at once :)

What I would say is that the items that already exist in TH are likely to be implemented first in CTH and a map editor like you suggest will surely appear at some point (whenever a developer makes one).
Otherwise some of your ideas are very interesting and I'm sure some of them will make it in when the time comes.


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Re: Level Editor
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2011, 07:29:57 PM »
The option to disable money is a good idea. I will raise a ticket for this, if it has not been done.


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Re: Level Editor
« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2011, 06:04:36 PM »
I just had a look at the original level files and found that some of the configuration options I listed is already there!

I also read that there is a limit for number of entries for staff_level (30) and emergency_control (20). Is that true? If yes, then I would have a problem..


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Re: Level Editor
« Reply #4 on: February 03, 2011, 07:34:54 PM »
There are (for today's standards) numerous relatively harsh limits to all values in the original. None apply to CorsixTH...
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Re: Level Editor
« Reply #5 on: February 04, 2011, 10:47:58 AM »
That's good to hear! thank you.