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« on: November 18, 2010, 02:32:32 AM »
Hi! Im eeerlend from Norway. 26 years old, and have allways loved theme hospital. Im contributing with the norwegian translation, and have spent endless hours on translating the game.

Im the owner of a web development company called Backwheel Media, but my php/mysql skills doesn't make much sense in game development :)

I need to add that I'm a freelance musician. I also compose music for movies and television ads. When i have enough time, I can make a great Corsix-TH theme! Just tell me if its needed! - I'll do it for free of course!

Fun fact! - I did actually translate Theme Hospital to norwegian before I heard of this project, by editing the original english language file with a hex-editor:) When I was almost finished, I broke the .DAT-file by adding a "." (or separator or what you call it) to much... I did never find out where the error was located, and I was never able to play the game in Norwegian!

Thanks to you guys, the great people behind corsix-th, you did implement a great translation-system, so I could port my translation from the HEX-editor into the great lua-files, and finally play the game in my own language!

And as many of you may have noticed - Im not a lua-programmer:)
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