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Animation file format
« on: April 17, 2011, 07:52:46 PM »

In the past weekend, I have been trying to write a specification of a file format for files containing new/updated/free animations.
It's a first rough draft, I have identified some questions I don't know the answer to, and I am sure I have forgotten some other things as well.

The current idea is to write a program that generates these kinds of files from specification files like proposed in the direction of,1463.msg3408.html#msg3408 although that proposal is very sketchy, and the discussion went off in a different direction :(

To get these data into the Corsix-TH program, the latter would need to be extended to first load the original data files (so you always have all animations), followed by loading zero or more files with the above format. Animations loaded later override animations loaded earlier.
In that way, you can have files that modify arbitrary animations without messing around with the copyrighted data-files. Also, users can decide for themselves what data file to use and what not.

What do you think?
(attached anim_spec_20110417.txt)