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CorsixTH Newbie Guide
« on: July 28, 2011, 02:30:41 PM »
CorsixTH newbie guide

If you are completely new to CorsixTH, I recommend you to read this guide (or at least look at it if you have a question), since there is a lot of unnecessary questions asked by newcomers, that have already been answered.

Reporting bugs and errors:
Please read through these easy steps before reporting a bug, error or a question:

1.   You should always try the latest build (update/version) of the game, since the problem you are experiencing might be fixed already.
How to install the latest build is explained elsewhere in this post.

2.   Take a look in the "Emergency room" in the forum to see if someone reported the same problem or question before.

PS: This place is only meant for the situation where you're having trouble installing or running Corsix TH, or if you have problems with the gameplay.
This is not the place to report bugs.

3.   Do a search in the project's Github issue list.
Type in a relevant word (or phrase/words) and press search. Also try using words/sentences from the error message in the "console window".
If you get a lot of matches for your search, then you probably should try to find a better word/phrase to get a more precise hit.

If you find a relevant post (or posts), then read through it to see if this really is the same as your problem (or relevant).
When you find your problem or a very relevant one, you should check what status the problem has.
If the status says it's fixed and you still get errors, please give some feedback in the issue page.
If the status says it isn't fixed and you have some new information, please give some detailed feedback (preferably with a screenshot, a savegame from before the error occurs and a copy of the error from the "console window" - it is described elsewhere in this post on how to copy it).

Scroll down in this post to learn where to find your savegames.

4.   If you don't find any similar issues, then make a new issue in Github (or in the "Emergency room" in the forum, if it fits the description in #2).
Both sites require that you have a registered user, but this is easy and fast to set up.

You should always include your error log, unless it's obvious what the case is (check the "How to copy error text from the "console window"" section to learn how).

The most important thing after posting an error, issue or a question, is that you check back on it often, so that you can give the developers any additional information if they need it.

What level you are on:
If you are wondering on how to find out what level the error occurred on (for error reporting), just change the language to English (go to options, then settings), open the town map and compare the town name to this list:

Level 1 = Toxicity
Level 2 = Sleepy Hollow
Level 3 = Largechester
Level 4 = Frimpton-on-Sea
Level 5 = Simpleton
Level 6 = Festering-on-the-Wold
Level 7 = Greenpool
Level 8 = Manquay
Level 9 = Eastville
Level 10 = Eggsenham
Level 11 = Croaking
Level 12 = Battenberg

Installing the latest build (update/version):
For Microsoft Windows:
If you are running an old Windows version, you will need an additional program to unpack the files. I recommend 7-zip (freeware), or you can use almost any other decompression program.
Newer versions of Windows have an integrated .zip reader, but you can still install the additional program.

Open/save this link:

When you have opened it, just copy all of it's contents and paste it into your main CorsixTH folder (e.g. C:\Program files\CorsixTH). You will be asked if you want to overwrite the files. Say yes to all (none of your savegames or settings will be lost).

Now you are done!

For other platforms/operating systems:
Follow the same progress as for Windows, but use this link instead:

Then you should navigate to the directory where you downloaded the file and use the command "tar -xf corsix-th-latest.tar.gz". This will unpack the files.

PS: The latest builds might be more unstable than clean beta installs, but so far this hasn't been a problem, and you will probably get more joy by updating.
And by using these builds, the developers get more feedback on errors and so on, which can make the game finished faster.

After you have updated to a build from a clean beta version, you might experience that your shortcut don't work anymore. The solution is to use CorsixTH.exe (which is found in the main game folder).
Just change the shortcut target to this file instead.

How to copy error text from the "console window":
When you get an error in-game, just press Alt+Tab to get out of the game window (don't close the game).
Now find the console window. It should have some error messages in it.
To mark the text you want to copy (the relevant part), just right click on the bar of the window and chose Edit and the Mark or Mark all.
After you are done marking, just right click on the bar again, but now you chose Copy.

You can now exit the game, and you are ready to post your error message at the Google Code site (or the forum, if it is fulfills the rules for posting, see #2 in Reporting bugs and errors).
If you are very unsure about what parts of the text is relevant and what is not, you can always just make a new .txt file and paste all of the text in it, and then just upload it as an attachment to your issue post.
I encourage this instead of posting a whole wall of text in your post. It just looks very messy and take a lot of space.

If the game closes before you get to copy the error log, you can always find the gamelog.txt (in the same folder as config.txt) - this will contain your latest error.

Where to find your savegames:
The location depends on your operating system.

Savegames can be found in an own folder from where you find the config.txt, and the directories for the config.txt can be found in the game wiki:

You have to change USERNAME / HOME into your own username / home name.
These directories are hidden by default, so just copy and paste the location into your address bar in a window, press enter and then just open up the “saves” folder.

DEMO version:
If you are running CorsixTH with the DEMO version of Theme Hospital, then you have very limited gameplay
It only includes only a modified level 1 and it has no dialogs. However, you can play custom levels (without dialogs).
What you could do is to get a hold of a Theme Hospital copy and use that when you install CorsixTH (buy it, borrow it or get it elsewhere, but I don't encourage illegal copying) - or you could wait for a long time until graphics, sounds and music have been replaced with open source contributions, so that the game is independent.

Turning on the DEBUG menu (for cheats, tweaks or research on game behavior):
This is almost the same operation as finding your savegames, so just go to the wiki and find the directory for your OS:
Open the config.txt file and scroll to the bottom. Change the debug setting to true, like this: debug = true
Now you can start up the game, and on the top bar (where saving, loading etc. are) you can now see the debug menu.

PS: In the config.txt you can also change your screen size, chose where to put your savegames folder, change the location of installation folder and so on. There is more about this in the wiki.

How to take a screenshot:
While in the game, just press Ctrl+S, and an image in the .bmp format is placed in your main CorsixTH folder (e.g. C:\Program files\CorsixTH).

This only works with the SDL version.

How to significantly increase/decrease values in game:
When you just left click to increase/decrease some values in game, you only change the value by 1, but if you hold down the Shift or Ctrl button while you left click, you change it by a lot more.

For example in the drug book you change the research percentage by 25 if you “Ctrl-click” and by 5 if you “Shift-click”, but it is changed by 1 if only the left mouse button is used.
Another place this is useful is in the furnish corridor menu, when you need to buy many benches. Here you increase by 10 on “Ctrl-click” and 5 on “Shift-click”.

Concentrate research on machines:
It might not be too obvious what the concentrated research on various machines actually improves. But what it does is to increase the durability (max uses before repair is needed) and lowers the cost (both the cost for a room and the replacement cost for a new machine is lowered).
When the Research Dept. has improved a machine, you won’t see any increase in durability until you either buy a new room or replace the old machine.

Heating (radiators):
The heat distribution in CorsixTH is a bit different from the original Theme Hospital.
CorsixTH has an ambient and slowly increasing temperature instead of Theme hospitals "instant" temperature.
So with CorsixTH it takes some time for the rooms to warm up.

A good tip is to place a radiator in every room, and a few spread around in the corridors.
Take a look at the hospital map after a while to see the heat distribution/coverage.

Handyman not cleaning up litter:
If your handyman never visit a special part of your hospital to clean up vomit, pee or trash, then just put up a plant nearby where the littering occurs, and he will hopefully clean it when he passes by to water the plant.
Be sure your handyman is set to water plants (by adjusting the markers when you click on him - standard setup is OK).

PS: This method might not be necessary if/when the handyman code is improved.

Too big queues (many patients):
On higher levels you will need 2-3 GP's Office and 2 pharmacies to keep up with the queues.
You normally just need 1 of all other treatment/diagnosis rooms.
It can be wise to spread some toilets and staff rooms around when your hospital gets bigger.

Try to educate most of your staff in the training room so that you get faster working doctors (consultants).
After the consultant status is achieved, the doctor can no longer be trained.
Only doctors can improve their skills in the training room (not receptionists, nurses or handymen).

You can also go to the Policy chart and slide the “diagnosis procedure” bar to maximum (guess at cure = 100%).
Now you reduce the chance for patients getting the wrong cure (which results in death).

Too small queues (few patients):
To get more people into your hospital you need to get a higher reputation.

This can be done by not killing patients (improve the drugs), don’t send home patients, don’t take emergencies you can’t handle, not getting your Auto-Autopsy Machine discovered (don’t examine too many patients in it) and try not to fire too much of your staff.

Anyhow, you can make patients stay in your hospital longer, by going to the Policy chart, and slide the “diagnosis termination” to max. Now your patients will use as many diagnosis options as they can - which keeps them longer in your hospital and gives you more money (but can be a problem if your hospital gets too crowded).
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Do you have a question or want to report a bug? CorsixTH newbie guide

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Re: CorsixTH Newbie Guide
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2011, 03:00:15 PM »
Brilliant, it answers the most often asked questions - nice work

it would be good if the person who runs this site was to give your page its own section or heading so that it can be seen from the home page
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Re: CorsixTH Newbie Guide
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2013, 07:02:47 PM »
Taking a screenshot does also work with the OpgenGL-version and I think that is also works with the DirectX-version.
Do you want to test CorsixTH before it goes public? See here for more information:,5300.0.html


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Re: CorsixTH Newbie Guide
« Reply #3 on: July 08, 2014, 06:25:12 PM »
What about a newbie guide on how to use the CorsixTH Graphics?


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Re: CorsixTH Newbie Guide
« Reply #4 on: July 10, 2014, 06:49:40 PM »
What about a newbie guide on how to use the CorsixTH Graphics?

Perhaps in the future, at the moment there are only a few tiles (grass, floor tiles etc).  Our own graphics are still very much in the early development stages and the only reason to upload them at the moment is to allow artists to test their work.

If you are looking at creating some you need to check this out