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Author Topic: An old list of idea's I once had for Theme Hospital...  (Read 3843 times)

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An old list of idea's I once had for Theme Hospital...
« on: March 09, 2012, 10:21:42 PM »
Found this lurking on my computer, I think I wrote it originally for the OpenTH project  but never posted it. Anywho, might as well post it here.  :)

BFM's Big Feature Request List!

Hey guys, I've been playing Theme Hospital since it's release. You could say I've actually got an addiction to Theme Hospital. Needless to say I've been waiting a few years for an open source project to surface... especially after failed launch of Hospital Tycoon, crying myself to sleep etc.

Anyway, to the list!:
  • Ambulance: Patients arrive via an ambulance service.
  • Local Population: Patients are now pulled from a generated population, each having a history of illnesses and services with the hospital. Patients can return for new treatment of new or related illnesses, or for corrective services such as physiotherapy or counselling. An example would be the fractured bones clinic. Patients would come in to the hospital to receive a cast, then come in a month later to have it removed. If a patient didn't like your hospital upon first visit, they would go to the competitor.
  • Staff Shifts: Staff work shifts and go home at the end of their shifts, and come back into work for their shifts. They also use toilets.
    Cleaners clean: I want to see cleaners mopping the floors of every room routinely, other than simply watering plants and mopping up spot mess.
  • Time Scale: A focus on correcting the time scale, along with the time a patient stays in hospital relative to their illness.
    Proper Use of Ward: The ward should be used for recovery after surgery, for instance, and patients should be visiting a Ward, then a diagnosis room, then back to the ward again.
  • Genetics: Diseases with children-parent relationships, all with graphs and information to help manage and focus direction in
    treatment and cure.
  • Larger, Better Pharmecy: Drugs, drugs drugs! Brand name drugs, generic brand drugs, vitamins for sale, hell even Jelly Beans for sale!
  • Visitors: Visitors could stop by the Gift shop and bring in a gift for patients in the Ward.


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Re: An old list of idea's I once had for Theme Hospital...
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2012, 03:10:45 PM »
Trying to mimic real-world time scale will probably work less well than the game plays now. The whole point of the game is that it has sufficient action, and being fun to play. Real-world time scales are not designed with that goal in mind :p

As for drugs, real-world drugs is not where you want to go, unless you like getting sue-ed. Also, they don't fit the idea of the game with its invented diseases.


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Re: An old list of idea's I once had for Theme Hospital...
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2012, 03:34:25 PM »
I couldn't see shifts working either.  they go for a break when they are tired, imagine them going home at 5pm and the next shift starting - the game day would just go on and on - also imagine the wage bill!
Ambulances, there are not that many levels with a road to the door! Anyway helecopters are faster with the way traffic is these days.

The game is alright as it is, why try and improve on perfection.  (fix a few of the bugs from the original is fine)