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Author Topic: Improved allocation of staff  (Read 1898 times)

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Improved allocation of staff
« on: April 26, 2012, 05:44:42 PM »
I've got a couple of ideas and comments regarding the allocation of staff to different rooms.

First of all it seems to me as some parts of this aspect is already handled better than in the original, as doctors  (and nurses) are called to empty rooms the moment a patient sets course for that room. (Maybe it was like this in the original, too long time ago to remember) For these cases I think there should be an option to mute announcements that are being satisfied by free staff members, so that the player only gets to hear it when there is no free staff member heading for the empty room and interaction is required. Also it seems as if patients prefer rooms that are occupied when there are several to choose from, at least when the queue is below max.

What I miss from the original on the micromanagement of staff part, is the ability to drop a staff member into an already occupied room in order to replace the one working there. For instance to put a consultant in the inflation room when someone had a cheese sniffing and rainwater drinking party (bloaty head emergency). Now I only get a message from the advisor telling me that only doctors/nurses can work in that kind of room, and the one I dropped in there leaves.

When it comes to circulating the staff to the staff room, I think that when the tieredness of a doctor, whos room has a queue, goes above the staff room limit, a rested doctor (wandering around or in a nearby queueless room) should be sent to relieve him. The releiving doctor will go to the door of the room, wait for the current patient to be finished before he relieves the tired doctor. If no doctors are free, the one working will keep on doing that until maximum tieredness is reached, before going to the staff room. This will then undoubtedly affect his mood in a negative way, but the situation will only arise if you have too few doctors employed. Also if the slow walk when tired is implemented, this may lead to a vicious circle where suddenly all your staff are overworked, which I belive to be quite realistic as staff are more likely to be away from work when experiencing stress at work.

Optionally, to reduce some of the micromanangement, higher level doctors should try to replace lower level doctors in rooms that have long queues, or there can be a priority setting on the different rooms, attracting consultants to the rooms of higher priority. This feature may also then be a part of the difficulty setting, as a game requiring the old micromanaging of the staff for optimal performace will be considered more difficult.

Also, to reduce the need for micromanangement of staff, if a surgeon, phsyciatrist or researcher is needed, but they are all occupied, then the closest specialist should be attempted relived by free doctors, in order to go to the room in need. If the closest specialist is close to reaching the tieredness limit, the next closest should be chosen, etc.

Going back to the previous point, of manually moving staff. This could be made more realistic by changing the literal picking up and dropping, into an order for the staff member to walk there. Dropping a staff member on an already occupied room will then issue an order to relive the staff member working in that room, just as if that staff member was tired and needed to go to the staff room.

Well that was some ideas that struck me, playing CorsixTH for the first time.

Thanks a lot for all the work you have done in keeping this old classic alive! :)


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Re: Improved allocation of staff
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2012, 03:20:42 PM »
Interesting comments, we'll see what happens in the future. :-)
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