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Author Topic: Do plants, radiators and bins (trash cans) have to be near a patient/staff?  (Read 4753 times)

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Do plants, radiators and bins (trash cans) have to be near a patient or an employee to have an effect on them? Or will just simply placing these items have an effect on the whole area (everywhere outside, if outside; the whole room, if inside a room)? If not, how many tiles does the effect of these items reach? Are their effects different if these items are outside or inside a room?

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The effect of a radiator can be seen in the town map.  The heat will warm both patients and staff, if either are too cold or hot it can be seen with one of the mood icons (blue if cold and red if hot)
Plants will please patients if they pass within a coupld of tiles of them (sorry I don't remember the exact number)
for staff there is no effect at the moment, it will please staff in the future - there is a patch, but it was never added for 0.01.  Dead plants will displease.
bins, I don't think they have any effect at all (that was the same in TH).  I always thought it would be good if patients were to pass a bin whilst they had litter (just used the vending machine) if they were to lose their litter because of the bin, but that would have to be agreed and added later and there is no animation of using a bin either.