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Author Topic: List of improvements  (Read 2022 times)

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List of improvements
« on: July 14, 2012, 04:06:43 PM »
I think that we need the patients to do the following: (Remember that this is meant to bring the hospital into the modern world of technology, but it could start in the year of 1997 and have the only the things available in the original game for use, and the extras need time before they can be used.)
1. Enter Hospital.
2. If player has gone to the ordinances screen and selected "allow phone booking", only 75% of patients will go to the receptionist's desk. If the player has selected "allow online bookings", only 50% go to the reception's desk.
3. If the player has selected "online diagnosis" (which is expensive, quite risky and only available after a long number of years) than only 80% go to the GP's office.
4. They then go to their needed treatment, clinic or to the other diagnosis rooms as normal.
5. If they are in the ward, they should stay in there for much longer than in the original game. Visitors will enter and use a gift shop, and then go to see the patient. Only patients in wards can be visited. The ward should allow open-beds as normal and cubicles for more serious patients, or patients in emergencies.
6. When emergencies occur, they should be more often and they should need something like surgery, not just a single drug in a pharmacy. The patients should enter as normal, and then be taken to surgery before visiting the ward.

I'm not sure if anyone has heard of Scratch, but I was thinking of making my own hospital game on there. Whilst I have never made a hospital game before, I have made similar management games, such as:
-An airport running game International Inc
-A control tower game Game Club: International Inc 2
-A cinema managing game Entertainment Inc

So I'm sure I could make a hospital game soon! I'm trying to think of a word that rhymes/sounds similar to International Inc and Entertainment Inc. You can also see my most recent builder Generation:4000 a.k.a. "The Creator", but it is glitchy as it is still being developed by me.

WARNING: ONLY INTERNATIONAL INC 2, ENTERTAINMENT INC AND INTERNATIONAL INC WILL WORK WITHOUT AN ACCOUNT! If you want to try out G:4000 you must sign up to use the flash player, as by default non-members have to use the slow JAVA player instead of the flash player.

So, if I decide to make one it will be a while!
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