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Author Topic: Game Killing Bugs > Running Latest SVN  (Read 1733 times)

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Game Killing Bugs > Running Latest SVN
« on: October 20, 2012, 07:57:41 PM »
Hi all,

After updating to the latest SVN to solve the handyman freezing problem.

I have discovered other game killing bugs, which is a shame as I am really enjoying it again.

When earthquakes are over, some rooms would get destroyed as per usual, there would also be rooms that appear to be fine, but they no longer function. Causing the doctor within the room to freeze also humanoids would continue to queue.

The game is also unplayable after recovering from an error. Rooms freeze causing huge queues. GP Offices with 50 people queued is not fun lol

Amongst other things, these are the killers :(

Also I cant find where it stores the error log.