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Author Topic: Current status - Version 0.40  (Read 6568 times)

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Current status - Version 0.40
« on: October 30, 2012, 10:22:53 AM »
Hello everyone!

To keep you up-to-date, this is the current status of all translations as we head into version 0.40.

Original languages (from original game)

FRENCH - Update Required
SPANISH - Update Required
GERMAN - Update Required
SWEDISH - Update Required
ITALIAN - Update Required

New languages

CHINESE (SIMPLIFIED) - Update Required
CZECH - Complete
DANISH - Update Required
DUTCH - Complete
FINNISH - Update Required
KOREAN - Update Required
NORWEGIAN - Complete
POLISH - Update Required
PORTUGUESE - Update Required
RUSSIAN - Update Required
HUNGARIAN - Update Required

Not yet implemented

Romanianin progress
Arabicin progress
Greekin progress

We┬┤re always looking for new translators! Contact us via PM (with your email-adress and your language as subject)!

For a more detailed status of all languages, check the Language-Status-board (,15.0.html) or contact us!

Thank you!

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Re: Current status - Version 0.40
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2014, 07:48:13 PM »
0.40 feature freeze has been announced, so translators can now start translating.
See also!topic/corsix-th-dev/01D4gBZwcD4

For translators that do not want to work with git, the following is probably useful to know (copied from the above google group thread):
I know for many translators git can be intimidating.  If you have completed a translation but do not want to use git you can paste the file in this mailing list with a clear subject like "0.40 translation - Russian" and we'll make sure it ends up in the right place.