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« on: January 24, 2013, 02:09:58 PM »

You can test against the development snapshot (see below,) ideally though, you should test the RC-build (Release Candidate). This is released a little before the offical release, by a week or so.

To access to the RC-build, email me at maartenpeters(at) and I will send you a link to the download page. Whether you're testing the development snapshot or the RC-build; can you please email me about it so I can coordinate the whole testing process.

For more information about being a part of the testing team you can look here:,5349.0.html.


Gain some experience with CorsixTH and play it a few times before you begin with testing. If you are familiar with Theme Hospital you could skip this step, but check to see what is not yet implemented as we don't want bug reports for missing features that we are already aware of.

Set the option ''debug'' in the file Config.txt to ''true'' instead of ''false,'' save the file and start CorsixTH. You can find Config.txt at the locations as described here:

The debug option gives you an extra dropdown top menu with a lot of useful options like cheats, transparent walls etc; which is very useful for testing. You can also skip levels with this option. If you can, it is better to test later levels (like level 10, 11 or 12), as these almost include all the machines and illnesses.


Operating Systems that we would like to be checked are:

Windows 8(.1),

Windows 7,

Windows Vista,

Windows XP,


Mac OS X Snow Leopard,

Mac OS X Mountain Lion

The objective is to test if everything works well and that no errors occur during gameplay or installation. Report any bugs you find ( and add, when it is relevant, one (or more) autosaves, and the error log (gamelog.txt.). You can find them almost at the same location as Config.txt (''Saves'' folder and the ''CorsixTH'' folder.) If you find a bug or get an error message then I would like you to report it in the issue tracker and email me about it too.


1. Do a completely fresh install.

2. Try starting the game and choose both of these options:

-A full version of TH'97

-The demo version of TH'97 and make sure that it is playable. You can download the demo version here:

3. Overwrite:

-an existing 0.21 installation

-an existing 0.30 installation and make sure that it is playable.


You especially have to test if all the new functions/features/fixes which have been added to the development snapshot/RC (and are planned for the next release) are working well. You can use the latest development snapshot for testing if I have not emailed you regarding the RC.

There are at the moment many changes and updates, so the development snapshot can change several times a day. For each release you can download the files again as and when needed. I would like you to test the game as often as you can. The first time it is best to test the whole game and after that only test the new functions/features/fixes which were added to that release. It is often better to test everything with new fresh game, but don't let that stop you from also testing a recent saved game, as you could find some problems that we need to know about, (we do try and make these old saved games compatible with each updated version of CorsixTH). If you have any questions or get stuck you can come here and add a comment or email me at maartenpeter(at)

You can also find the whole precedure and also specific ones for the forthcoming release:,16.0.html. You could also post a message on the forum if you have any questions or problems with testing.

Here you can also find answers on the most asked questions:,3446.0.html
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