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Author Topic: Test checklist/procedure for version 0.20 - RC is available! (old)  (Read 2582 times)

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This is the checklist for testing of the RC of version 0.20:

Regular bugs- and issue-test:
-Graphical glitches: Test started: Issue 1536 (workaround available.)
-Errors during gameplay: Test started
-Error during start of the game: Test started
-Other gameplay issues: Test started

Windows 2000 and older
-Installer issues and gameplay issues: Not offically supported and Test started

Windows XP:
-Installer issues: Test started. Results: fine

Windows Vista:
-Installer issues: Test started
And there are no testers available to test this on Windows Vista. You want to test the RC on Windows Vista? Look here:,5349.0.html

Windows 7:
-Installer issues: Test started. Results at the moment:
Installation went fine and no bugs occured. Tested on 32-bit and 64-bit.

Windows 8:
-Installer issues: Test started
-Gameplay issues: Test started
And there are no testers available to test this on Windows 8. You want to test the RC on Windows 8? Look here:,5349.0.html

Mac OS:
-Installer issues: Test started
I'm still looking for some more testers who can test the RC on Mac:,5349.msg6953.html#msg6953

Linux distributions (all four installers):
-Installer issues: Test started
-Music issues on Ubuntu 12.04 (no mucis): Test started: still exist

Specific test procedure for version 0.20
(and follow the instructions from here:,5348.msg6951.html#msg6951):

-Try to test if the Transparant walls are working at the moment. We want to introduce this function at the normal menu instead of the debug menu. Play the game with Transparant walls on and see if there are any issues. You can report bugs about using Transparant walls [ here] and you could also find some information there about this idea. You can acces this function at the moment at the debug menu.

-A while ago I added two custom maps, called Confined and Finisham, to the Trunk.
We want to add these two custom maps to the next release. See for more information about this idea here: You can find these maps at the main menu, then click on Single scenarion and click on the custom map.
You have to test these custom maps.
You have to test if they're:
-Not to easy.
-Not to hard.
-No strange situations or errors occur using this map.

-When using the RC you have to do the following:

1. Do a completely fresh install.

2. Try starting the game and choose both of these options:
 a) A full version of TH'97
 b) The demo version of TH'97
    and make sure that it is playable.

3. Overwrite
 a) An existing beta 8 installation
 b) an existing 0.01 installation
 c) an existing 0.10 installation
 d) an existing 0.11 installation
     and make sure that it is playable.

1. Start a new game in the new release and make sure that:
 a) No specific issue bugs occurs
 b) All the new hotkeys are working correctly
 c) When pausing the game user actions are not allowed is working correctly.
 d) All queues work
 e) Transparant walls are working correctly, without bugs.
 f) Abort placing room objects works
 g) Buying and placing additional room objects works
 h) Graph dialog is working correctly
 I) Town Map is working correctly.
 J) Placing one or more object on one tile works and no glitches occur.
 K) Movies, from the original TH, are played correctly.

* Emotion icons don't appear just above a humanoid's head at all times.
* Exhausted staff members don't go to staff room (a possible patch can
  be found here:
  Testing of this patch is needed.
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