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Author Topic: Multiple area's & reception desks.  (Read 2438 times)

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Multiple area's & reception desks.
« on: April 27, 2013, 02:30:10 PM »
I have been in hospital a few times in my life. Mostly for broken bones.  Anyway every time I have been to the hospital things have gone like this:

Go to the reception desk, go to the GP, go to the reception desk at x-ray/diagnostics area, go back to reception desk, go to GP, go to reception desk at surgery/casting area to get cast, go home.

So what am I suggesting? I would like to see a setup where you can select an area of the hospital which is dedicated to one thing, and then when the patients go there before they can go to see the doc they have to see the receptionist first.

This would change the traffic flow of the game, and make things a touch more realistic.

Maybe you could also make the patients pay at the receptionist as they l;eave for the services rendered?


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Re: Multiple area's & reception desks.
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2013, 08:09:11 AM »
Well, works in real life because most hospitals are huge ones and divided in mentioned areas. But TH is menat to be like a small one where you just do stuff once and then the docs send you on to the next room not department.
But yeah, your idea is more realistic!
It just consumes too much time, maybe. In the game patients tend to die because they spend too much time runing around back and forth to the freakin' GP. Additional "desk runs" would kill even more, won't they? And there (I think, in my small humble opinion) even multiple desks all ower the hospital won't save much time.

Well I'd like to see different areas implemented - for sake of realism - but would make the game pretty hard.

PS: Never had to pay the receptionist in my life! ^^