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Author Topic: The Super-Hardcore Toxicity Challenge  (Read 3312 times)

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The Super-Hardcore Toxicity Challenge
« on: May 21, 2013, 08:54:30 AM »
So, you've probably played Level 1 of Career mode a million times by now. But have you ever completely obliterated the level?

By this- I mean, the Super-Hardcore Toxicity Challenge (Toxicity being the name for Level 1)!

Goals (On top of other goals):
Reach $1,000,000
Have a reputation of 1000 (Yes, 1000)
Have 0 deaths. (It's possible)
Cure 1,000 people
Have a Hospital Value of $100,00

The trick, is to have multiple GPs offices. (By the end I suggest about 5) And about 3-4 Pharmacies. You only need one of everything else. And just keep expanding those GPs offices and Pharmacies if you can. And you'll produce results! But your hospital will get -very- busy with the increasing reputation, so watch out!

I've done it myself! If you can do it, let me know!
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