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Author Topic: Fair Wage Research  (Read 1921 times)

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Fair Wage Research
« on: October 17, 2013, 07:16:17 PM »
Playing CorsixTH, I was getting a bit frustrated by how different (and frequent) wage demands are when you're training up juniors. I noticed that the research page on the wiki has some questions that you would like answered from the original game, so I thought I'd share what I have.

Can you staff a hospital with low paid consultants with one or more skills and pay them less than $100 a month? Can you train any Junior and they remain happy and not ask for a pay rise?
Absolutely. I do this literally every game: my first step is to hire or train a consultant with all three specialties. Then I use him to train three doctors at a time. You can pump out three-specialism consultants very quickly this way and pay them peanuts.

Here is the first doctor I ever hired, a few years into this hospital. He was a junior when we began, and I taught him all three specialities and used him to teach all my subsequent consultants. He is absolutely thrilled to be working at my hospital, even after years of being a three-skill consultant with a wage of $58.

Here is one of his pupils, pleased as punch but a newer hire.

And another for good measure.

Sometimes doctors do get unhappy, though - mostly because I neglect them - and when they do, they make some RIDICULOUS salary demands.

Yes, this guy is paid more than $750! My self-trained consultants always make pay requests around this level and never any lower, I assume because they had to get a) a big pay rise because the game noticed that their skill was so far ahead of their pay, and b) another big pay rise because they were so unhappy. I usually just sack them when this happens.

Incidentally, here's one of my doctors-in-training. He's finished getting his skills and is just waiting to reach consultant. This happens every time - his happiness is fine and he's not made any demands.

Incidentally, while I love abusing this, I do think it's pretty extreme. To be honest, it's probably overpowered. But at present I think CorsixTH swings too far the other way, because my trainees are demanding higher wages as soon as they complete a specialism, before they even treat a single patient. The nerve, after I paid for that expensive consultant to teach them!

They should make some salary demands, slowly, if they're getting annoyed by other things, or if they've been qualified for a long time, but it shouldn't come immediately as soon as they get their certificate. From a purely mechanical perspective, there has to be some benefit to training your own doctors, or it just isn't worth the effort. But it probably doesn't need to be quite this effective.

I hope this was useful, anyway! If you need more info I have a bunch of save games I can do experiments in. If it would be useful I can upload the .H# files too?
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Re: Fair Wage Research
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2013, 03:27:20 PM »
Thank you, very useful and having the pictures confirms everything.  I always remember the outrageous pay demands, but I guess I gave in as I didn't want to lose them after all that training. 

I wonder though, is it that because you have many skilled consultants that they are less likely to ask for more money an more likely to ask if you only have one or two skills consultants?  Is that something you can check?