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Author Topic: Differences original and the Corsix version?  (Read 6641 times)

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Differences original and the Corsix version?
« on: January 26, 2014, 10:55:16 PM »
So last week I was -delighted- (putting it mildly) to find the corsix TH game. I still have the original but it's a pain in the ass to play it on Windows 7. Random crashes, bad graphics, slow controls etc etc... so naturally this is amazing.

However, I am curious to see what the differences are between the original and this one. The obvious ones would be

-better graphics
-better controls
-better menu features
-drug research takes (a lot) longer
-"radiation" disease no longer has people glowing.
-no competing hospitals (which needs kind of a fix, it grants you too many rewards at the end of the year)
-no epidemics

But I am also curious about other, not-so obvious changes. For example, I have noticed that salary indicates happiness a LOT more than it did in the original. Mind you I only play hardmode, so I am used to it somewhat. But in the remake it seems to make less sense: Doctors with low wages will -always- end up being unhappy, regardless of them being poorly trained or not. This happened in the original as well, but it took longer for them to start complaining. In fact, I noticed that in this version it's a lot simpler to just buy the well-trained doctors instead of training them. It really makes the training a moot point unless you are struggling to find specialists (which is rare for me).

Another weird thing is that (and I am not making this up) black doctors always complain more. And I do mean -always-. I have had a game with 11 doctors, of which 4 were black. All at consultant level, all having more or less the same pay as their caucasian colleagues, yet.. they were -always- the ones complaining about wanting more money. I made certain that the radiators are placed in all rooms properly, plants, larger rooms etc, so this part makes no sense.

So, what differences are notable between the original and this one that are less-than-obvious?

That said: thanks for this remake. I know it still has some bugs and glitches, but the idea of being able to play this game so smoothly still makes me happy. Theme Hospital and Theme Park are two of my favorite games for the pc as I grew up playing them on SNES/PSX. So thank you for the awesome work on this :D


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Re: Differences original and the Corsix version?
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2014, 04:27:54 PM »
There is still a lot to do and balancing of wage requests is one of them.

We all do this in our spare time, so it could take a few years before it matches exactly.  For now we are trying to get all the features in  and getting around the bugs that were in the original and then we can worry about balancing things out.  Some times this works in your favour, for instance there are not other hospitals in the game so yours is the only one that is hiring from the staff pool and the only one receiving patients, so you get them all. On the down side, not all of the happiness factors are taken into account yet. 

Here are a couple of links to the wiki on google, sorry I can't find these pages at the moment on github.  These list features not yet in, whether someone is working on one etc and some possible future options that might make it into the finished game.
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