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Author Topic: Test checklist/procedure for upcomming version 0.40 RC  (Read 2875 times)

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Test checklist/procedure for upcomming version 0.40 RC
« on: March 27, 2014, 11:53:17 AM »
Here you can find a draft of the checklist/testprocedure for the upcomming version 0.40 of CorsixTH.

Thirst thing: sorry that I did not invite you to test the 0.30 RC, but I did not have the time/was not in the mood to do it; my father died last december on lung cancer. That's the reason, so now let get the party started again.

Back to business:

Specific test procedure for version 0.40 (and follow the instructions from here:,5348.msg6951.html#msg6951):

CorsixTH runs since version 0.40 on a new version of SDL: in earlier versions we used version 1.2.1x, but now we are using SDL 2.0.x. For this we had to change a lot of code to make the migration to SDL2 possible. Take a look here if you want: :)

But we are still looking for bugs which are not fixed after the migration to version 0.40. So, you have to test everything in game. Especially:

-If all the hotkeys are working.
-If the shadows of the patients/doctors/nurses are working good.
-If everything is okay regarding the music and the sounds (also the sound library got an update to SDL_mixer 2.0.x)
-If the movies are working well (The SDL2 migration required a lot of changes in the code of this.)
-If all screens are working good (including their animations.)

We also introduced some brand new features in this version and it's your job to check for errors/bugs regarding these new features:

-Patients can now also go the hell instead of going to the heaven.

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