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Author Topic: Duplicating doors  (Read 1342 times)

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Duplicating doors
« on: November 21, 2014, 05:05:39 PM »
I'm experiencing a random repeating problem whilst playing, such being that on occasion, an error message will be displayed (complete with a cross and tick as buttons) to the effect of "An error has occurred, would you like to attempt a recovery?"; regardless of whether I click the cross or tick buttons, the effect remains.

After clicking, the patient information dialog is shown focused on the patient "trapped" between the duplicated doors; this dialog shown in this situation however, does not offer any patient options such as guessing at a cure or sending them home.

I have found it is sometimes possible to destroy the room, but the duplicated door stays there, and it is not possible to rebuild the room over it and the now stationery "trapped" patient, who remains there indefinitely.

I've shown this in the attached screenshot - in this case a female patient is shown between one complete set of double doors, and a duplicated right-door of the double doors in front of her; however, I've also noticed this error to occur with single doors - particularly for some reason those used on GP offices. In terms of double doors however, only one of the double doors is ever duplicated - so far, I've noticed it's always the right door of the pair.

This error appears to occur with "trapped" staff between duplicated doors too, but less often. It also appears to occur more often when there are large numbers of patients (i.e. busy corridors), but not necessarily in rooms in close proximity to such busy corridors.

This error has occured in different hospitals in multiple games, and once it occurs it is likely to repeat in the same game. Further, reverting to an earlier save of the game seems to cause it to repeat later on, in the same location as if the earlier file had not been reverted to.

This is incredibly annoying and really spoils the game play.