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Springfield Surgery
« on: January 18, 2015, 02:14:16 AM »
Hello Hear is my First map upload(not my first map i have created)

This was created as a small test but turns out it has worked really well.

Springfield Surgery
You have just opened up a small surgery in the gowing of village Springfield.

As being only a small surgery you only have the basic rooms. your drugs also need improving so get a small research lab going too.

A local buisness man has help you purchase some land in extrange for a Hair restoration clinc to be in operation as soon as possible.

Cure 600 people get 100,000 in the bank and cure %80 of people. Also the local council are strict so keep rep aboth 400 and dont kill more than 25% or you will face shutting down.

Extra info
This map is based in a town where i grew up in. (nothing to do with the simpsons!) My idea was to create a little surgery with the basic rooms (that you would find in a local doctors surgery). The only clinc is a Hair restorer and there is no ward/op theater/scanner/x-ray. The clinc side works by giving you get frequant emergancys (every 2/3 months) with a vaired amout of people (first few are low then after a year it goes up to a max of 30 people)

There are 2 small rooms you own already and one bigger room to buy. space is limited but you can fit every room into the building if you plan well also space for 2 of some rooms (hint hint)

I hope some one will give this a play through and let me know what that think and any feedback you may have




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Re: Springfield Surgery
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2017, 08:46:25 AM »
The level 'Springfield Surgery' contains a deprecated variable definition in the level file.'%LevelFile' has been renamed to '%MapFile'.