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Author Topic: Curse of the GP's office  (Read 1759 times)

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Curse of the GP's office
« on: January 26, 2015, 04:37:49 PM »
See the two attached pictures for a detailed view.

I've been running into several crashes with CorsixTH, but no weird bugs until now. I wonder if/how this can be intended behaviour.

In the first screenshot, the piles you see on the ground have become permanent. Handymen can no longer remove them, and strangely stuff can be built on top. They are an eyesore and that's really all. Apparently under some conditions this can happen.

In the second screenshot, you can see three GP's offices. The layout is identical. Yet the doctor sitting in the topmost office will lose happiness,and he will lose it fast and want a salary raise. And it's just that one GP's office, it's the only thing in the hospital that the doctors absolutely seem to despise working in, it's like a curse or something. I really wonder why, it's so strange. (I've tried running with the 'dont' leave rooms' setting; doctor salary went above 400 and still complaining about working there. Note that radiator placement is symmetrical and regular, so the room's ambient temperature gradient should be almost identical to the second room (the first room has another outer wall so maybe that one's slightly colder).

Third, in this particular level, Eastville, it's possible when timed correctly to remove a Surgeon from an Operating Theatre into a Training Room in such a way that it causes an unrecoverable error. (Haven't been able to reproduce in another level). The surgeon will keep his (green) surgeon's clothes on, and is frozen in place. Saving and reloading the game does not change his position.

Edit: As for the cause behind the issues, I propose the following tentative explanation for a bug that causes the first and second observations as symptoms. It is possible to 'corrupt' piles dropped by waiting patients by building rooms or objects nearby or by building a room on the current location of a patient while they are vomiting, a sort of 'lingering smell' as it were that stays forever. E.g. have an empty area with a patient that's about to vomit, build a room on top of the patient. The patient will vomit, and leave the area. However, the vomit is now inside the room. It is not visible in this case, but still affects staff and other patients. E.g. the rightmost GP's office was constructed some time after the Hospital opened to handle increased patient volume, but the empty space was being used by patients as a shortcut; a patient may have vomited while the room was being constructed, creating an invisible, unremovable vomit pile (which still smells). Something similar happens when building objects close to a pile or moving objects close to a pile (such as the reception desk in the first picture which was constructed later), but in this case the pile stays visible. Another diffrence is that while the visible pile still induces additional regurgitation, the invisible one does not.

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