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Author Topic: CorsixTH isnt creating a Shortcut on My Desktop? or even in the folder itself?  (Read 3348 times)

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Ive loved playing theme hospital for years but unfortunately no matter what i always seem to have a problem .. if not one thing then something else so i always give up and just forget it but always somehow come back to it and yes with yet another problem. Anywho .. ive downloaded the game off orgin .. the mouse kept freezing after like 40 mins of gameplay ... the game would still run but my mouse frozen after the game froze for like 10 seconds. so i downloaded Corsixth ... AND NOW i dont have a shortcut on my desktop cant find it in programs and even when i go to C:\Program Files\CorsixTH ... i dont see an icon to play the game .. the icons i do click do not give me the game in full screen .. only if i reinstall and ask for the game to run after installation, will the game run in full screen .. but then theres no ICON TO RUN THE GAME! GR .. help????  :-\ :-\ >:( :-[


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If you are a windows user there is a shortcut to play the game created in the corsixth folder in all programmes or look in C:\Program Files\CorsixTH.  Once in the game there is a settings menu to make it full screen or not etc