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Author Topic: Corsix TH - Beta 4 released!  (Read 4830 times)

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Corsix TH - Beta 4 released!
« on: November 14, 2010, 06:53:13 PM »
Beta 4 of CorsixTH has been released on November 12th, 2010. A number of important gameplay features have been added, which make CorsixTH feel more and more like a game, and not just a sandbox.

This beta also marks the threshold where most main features are in the game and it is time to start focusing more on improvements and fixing bugs. Therefore the next changelog will probably be quite longer, but instead state smaller things.

CorsixTH Beta4


  • Feature: The Research Department and research policy dialog.
  • Feature: The Operating Theatre.
  • Feature: Not all parcels are owned by the player from the beginning, but can now be bought from the Town Map dialog.
  • Feature: Calculate staff wages and properties for those for hire based on the level files.
  • Added 7 new diseases related to the operating theatre.
  • Added treatment room: Operating Theatre.
  • Fix: The adviser no longer complains about watering of plants all the time.
  • Fix: Some crashes related to crashed rooms has been fixed.

User Interface
  • Feature: Possibility to choose difficulty level when starting a new game.
  • Feature: Zooming (only when using DirectX or OpenGL).
  • Feature: The Annual Report dialog.
  • Feature: Lua Console for debugging
  • Graphics: Improved the main menu background.
  • Fix: Improved non-English keyboard layout handling.

  • New languages: Finnish and Danish
  • Fix: When playing the game in French it no longer crashes upon completion of a level.

  • A map editor is now available, which allows you to create your own maps.