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Author Topic: Adding new things in to the game??  (Read 1921 times)

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Adding new things in to the game??
« on: October 21, 2017, 03:52:14 AM »
Hey Guys I hope you are all well, Massive props on bringing this game back to life  as it was one of my favorite games of my childhood.


I have a little bit of knowledge of how to program as through the years I drifted in and out of doing it using X-code on my mac. I use Wine skin to run CorsixTH on my Imac it works great with it.

I have edited some things like putting a bookcase in the GP office, so when ever the patient first comes in the GP uses the bookcase and desk and whenever the patient comes in the second time the GP uses the cabinet instead I threw in the skeleton for the  Research Room too. I have edited different diagnosis rooms by putting desks in some of them so the staff do not look like they are doing nothing. I have also got rid of some diagnosis rooms for some illnesses and that way you have to build every diagnosis room to cure every patient. I have made it so you have to build the ward bigger with three beds and it actually works as a ward so after patients get cured they go to the ward for awhile til the nurse checks them out.

So I want to add  new illnesses to the game I mean you could use the sprite of the bloaty head patient and come up with Big headed syndrome Cause where the patient talks about them selves a lot making their head swell up and have them visit the inflation clinic and psych rooms. I have also another idea for an illness lazitous where the patient comes in throwing more trash down than usual.

 my question is are even you guys having a hard time putting new diseases in to the game or are you waiting until you get everything right before adding in new things to the game?

I like doing pixel work too so

I want that damn kit-kat chocolate bar logo  off the vending machine its a drink machine. I am also making some health posters that you would see in the game and code it like the plants make patients a little happier. ( but take out handymen watering the plants bit) I know you can put objects on the wall already as (the X-ray Viewer is on the wall)

I made a view levels already with your lovely Map Editor add on. I have not just the map but the coding that goes with it and tested my level and it worked. I have not finished  my campaign though

There is a lot of things I would want but my skills at this sort of thing is not that great I would love some help Can you Guys teach me a little bit?. please :)
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Re: Adding new things in to the game??
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2017, 04:43:51 PM »
Great that you want to help.

This forum hasn't been the meeting point for developers, sadly.
They mainly reside in the mentioned Github site and on our IRC channel (#corsix-th on the Freenode server).
Please pay those places a visit if you plan to help out.
Do you have a question or want to report a bug? CorsixTH newbie guide

Do you want to make (or improve) a translation? CorsixTH translation guide


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Re: Adding new things in to the game??
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2019, 07:05:45 AM »
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