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Re: Disease suggestions
« Reply #45 on: January 27, 2018, 11:47:11 PM »
name: Radiation man
Cause: Sticking your tongue on an electrical socket while drinking radioactive waste.
Symptoms: green glow surrounded by electric lightning
Cure: after decontamination and a DNA fix, talk to a psychiatrist to convince the patient that humanity does not exist. its just a mirage.

diagnosis: GP office, general diag, blood test.
cure: decontamination - DNA fixer - Psychiatrist.

Name: Photoshop Syndrome
Cause: editing all family photos to have multiple extra limbs to prove you are an alien.
Symptoms: having extra arms and legs (would need new graphics, the limbs could just be the same cast legs and arms used for the broken bones patients on top of a regular NPC as extra limbs)
Cure: a surgery to remove the fake limbs pasted with glue, followed by a psychiatrist convincing the patient that photoshop does not exist.
diagnosis: GP office, X-ray, Blood test, Infirmary ward.
Cure: Surgery ward, psychiatrist.

Name: Polluted Air
Cause: smoking too much chocolate cigarrettes.
Symptoms: the patient will be sorrounded by a smoke half-transparent cloud. (need new graphics)
Diagnosis: GP office, Blood test, x-ray, Infirmary ward.
Cure: a decontamination shower, followed by a visit to the psychiatrist to convince the patient the air does not exist. we are on the matrix!
(cure) decontamination, psychiatrist.
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