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Rules & Regulations
« on: November 23, 2010, 03:42:42 PM »
To keep these forums organised and as much fun as we possibly can everyone is asked to read these rules and follow them:
  • Do not post or link to racial or otherwise discriminating content
  • Do not post or link to sexually explicit content
  • Do not post or link to unnecessarily shocking materials
  • Do not post or link to illegal content, such as warez
  • Do not post or link to commercial messages
  • Do not post or link to scripts or code that is or could be harmful to other people
  • All users are held fully responsible for any content that is posted under their name
Outside of these rules there's a few things we ask you to do as well:
  • Please stay ontopic
  • Please do not cross-post or hijack threads
  • Please avoid and prevent flamewars
Please be aware:
We reserve the right to take action against a user for reasons not described in these rules: if a rule isn't written it does not mean it does not exist, use your common sense!

Thank you!
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