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Emergency Room / Can somebody please help me install corsixTH for mac.
« on: December 28, 2017, 03:26:29 PM »
I'm so confused because I download the corsixTH package.
I have purchased Theme Hospital for mac on GOG game.

These are the 'read me' notes for installing to mac.

1.Install the game from the .dmg by double clicking it and dragging the game into the /Applications folder. ✓
2.Find the installed game in the /Applications folder, right click it and select "Show package contents". ✓
3. Inside it find the folder /Contents/Resources and locate file named Theme Hospital.boxer. ✓
4. Right click it and select "Show package contents" again. ✓
5. You should see the C.harddisk folder now, copy it somewhere outside of the package and point CorsixTH to it.

What does point CorsixTH mean? None of the files in the CorsixTH folder can be opened on mac, there is no installer, or DMG mount how am I supposed to point CorsixTH to anything?

If anyone knew how to install this I'd be so grateful.

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