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I picked up TH for a couple of squid at GoG, ran across CorsixTH whilst Googling summat else. Downloaded the latest (0.6) build, but I can't find the original lib files (running the latest version of El Capitan on an ancient MBP (mid-2012). Could someone please give me an idiot's guide to getting it runnning? All the ones I've found are for Windows.

Been playing the original (can't believe it's now 20 years old! I wore out 3 CDs playing it back then!) and am continually failing on Simpleton, like I remember I always used to (I don't recall ever getting any further - seemed imposssible to train docs and stop your bank balance from instanty falling into the red).

So, if anyone could assist me in getting this runnning, I'd be enormously grateful.




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