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As i haven't found any proper program inside the CTH folder to edit map properties unlike past versions, I'm wondering how to set properly the losing/winning conditions as I've seen that even when i set the values for both, it seems that the map kicks me out of the level even if I'm not fulfilling a losing condition (like beign kicked out having 525 reputation when the condition activates under 450 once i reach 31th December of Year 1).

These are the parameters i have set for my map:

------------------ Winning and Losing Conditions -------------------
But we don't want any such conditions on the example level!
1 Total reputation
2 Balance total
3 Percentage people your hospital has handled
4 Percentage people have been cured
5 Percentage people have been killed
6 Hospital value

#win_criteria[0].Criteria.MaxMin.Value.Group.Bound 1 1 700 1 0
#win_criteria[1].Criteria.MaxMin.Value.Group.Bound 2 1 1000000 1 0
#win_criteria[2].Criteria.MaxMin.Value.Group.Bound 3 1 50 1 0
#win_criteria[3].Criteria.MaxMin.Value.Group.Bound 4 1 800 1 0
#win_criteria[4].Criteria.MaxMin.Value.Group.Bound 6 1 400000 1 0

#lose_criteria[0].Criteria.MaxMin.Value.Group.Bound 1 1 450 1 0
#lose_criteria[1].Criteria.MaxMin.Value.Group.Bound 2 1 -10000 2 0

Now, if you take a close look you may notice that i want both to be as the following

$1.000.000 cash - 700 Reputation - 800 Patients Cured (50% treated) - Hospital Value $400.000

under $10.000 cash - Reputation 450 or less

If anyone could give me some directions about this i would thank you a lot :)

Hospital Café / Values for Ethnicity and Name of the Doctors
« on: January 17, 2018, 07:41:15 AM »
Today i was wondering one interesting question. I'm not sure if this topic exists already but i wanted to know, what factors or variables set the name, ethnicity, whenever or not it has glasses, beard or anything else... at the time a doctor appears as available each month.

New members / Not new but im back!
« on: January 15, 2018, 04:15:44 AM »
Hey there! Been a while since i came across these forums, and since i started to play TH again lately i wanted to say hi again! Hopefully there's still some activity beside the works on newer CTH versions.  :D 8)

Maps / Lloyd's Custom Maps
« on: December 29, 2014, 12:14:08 PM »
Heaven Town

Status: WIP-Revisited
Difficulty: TBA


You've been selcted to direct this new hospital located near the main Highway in Heaven Town. Your main objetives for the following years are:

First, have a financial balance over $1000000, get a reputation of 700 for this new hospital while treating at least 800 patients (50% or more of the total count) and lastly having a hospital value of $400000.

Be aware, if your reputation is under 450 or your balance is $-10000 or less it's over!

You must be really careful too because inflation is currently high in our country, and maybe staff will demand more money than usual...
Good luck!"

Starting Money: $275.000
Starting Staff: Yes (1 Consultant Psychiatrist Surgeon Researcher)
Interest: 50
Land cost p/tile: 100
Population: Never stops growing.
Staff Salary: Increased


-Bank Balance: $1.000.000
-Reputation: 700
-Treat: 800 Patients (50% at least of the total count)
-Hospital Value: $275.000


-Bank Balance: -$10.000
-Reputation: 450

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