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Maps / Springfield Surgery
« on: January 18, 2015, 02:14:16 AM »
Hello Hear is my First map upload(not my first map i have created)

This was created as a small test but turns out it has worked really well.

Springfield Surgery
You have just opened up a small surgery in the gowing of village Springfield.

As being only a small surgery you only have the basic rooms. your drugs also need improving so get a small research lab going too.

A local buisness man has help you purchase some land in extrange for a Hair restoration clinc to be in operation as soon as possible.

Cure 600 people get 100,000 in the bank and cure %80 of people. Also the local council are strict so keep rep aboth 400 and dont kill more than 25% or you will face shutting down.

Extra info
This map is based in a town where i grew up in. (nothing to do with the simpsons!) My idea was to create a little surgery with the basic rooms (that you would find in a local doctors surgery). The only clinc is a Hair restorer and there is no ward/op theater/scanner/x-ray. The clinc side works by giving you get frequant emergancys (every 2/3 months) with a vaired amout of people (first few are low then after a year it goes up to a max of 30 people)

There are 2 small rooms you own already and one bigger room to buy. space is limited but you can fit every room into the building if you plan well also space for 2 of some rooms (hint hint)

I hope some one will give this a play through and let me know what that think and any feedback you may have



Emergency Room / Deleting in map editor
« on: January 07, 2015, 04:17:30 PM »

Is it possible to remove walls ect without having to undo loads of other work just to get to the wall you want gone?

I basicly i want to turn a walled section into a door but placing the door tiles doesnt work your just stuck with the two sections of the door and a bit of wall in the middle.

i cant seem to find any way to remove just the wall and not half my map with it!

Thanks Ben

Edit i have found a way to delete walls that go diaginal down/right up/left (this doesnt work for the other walls :( ) if you place the bush floor on the tile net to the wall you want removed the wall will dissapear. you just then turn that bush back to grass. I took a screenshot to show example. (See attachment)

this now leads to another problem! placing the bush all the way along right to the wall causeing it to delete that wall means we have to stop the bush trial one tile before the wall. Is this a known issue?

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