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Translations / Found mistakes in the original strings
« on: July 04, 2018, 06:40:57 AM »
Hello guys! Long time no see! Is this place still alive?

I'd like to point out a list of mistakes or weird things in the original strings and I'd like to know if these mistakes have been taken into consideration. I'm gonna put the lines affected from the original_strings.lua file.

Line 523 : finanical_trouble2. Should it be financial_trouble2?
Line 1167: the value [27][ 6] is used for the reputation boost, not the hospital value.
Line 1311: the value [55][35] is incorrect. It is used for the award. Should be [55][36].
Line 1322: how is this string considered "good"?
Line 1715: "This objective is to kill fewer than %" should be "This objective is to have less than % killed". There IS a difference.
Also, the introduction text for level 12 states that you must earn 650,000$ to win this level. You must in fact earn 750,000$.
What do you guys do of the bonus level texts? These levels should really be made into the game. One is for rat shooting, and the other is for killing patients. That's why there's a rat with a crosshair in the top-left corner of the game board and a church with tombstones in the top-right corner of the game board.
For the room descriptions, about the ward and the research room, it should be mentioned that the room requires at least one nurse or doctor with research skill.


Hospital Café / Mp3 files?
« on: October 08, 2016, 08:47:13 AM »
Hello everyone!

Where are those enhanced TH music Mp3 files stated in the configuration file? The link http://www.a-base.dds.nl/temp/ThemeHospital_ZRRemix.zip is dead and I would like to get a copy of it please since it is nowhere to be found.

Thanks a lot!

Translations / Some technical questions
« on: June 30, 2016, 01:38:59 AM »
Hello everyone, I have some technical questions regarding the translations.

1. How is the "%" sign handled in the game? Some are used for a variable as in %s and %d, but in the original game, if you want to show the "%" sign, you need to place them twice in a row (%%) but I've tried and it doesn't seem to work all the time so that's why I'm asking the question.

2. As you already know, using // in some of the texts causes to make a new line. I was wondering if there's actually a set of characters to make a carriage return too, that would make the texts to look nicer. If there isn't, it would be neat to implement in CorsixTH.

3. Adding a "non-breaking space" multiple times in a string can cause the game to freeze. Is there actually a way to place non-breaking spaces in the text? It is very used in French to avoid, say, the "?" character to get to a new line alone. If there's nothing, it would be another nice thing to implement into CorsixTH.

4. What is the font name used in CorsixTH? Would it be possible to alter the actual font so that it can allow capital vowels with an accent and main special characters such as É, È, À, Ç...?


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