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I think the CorsixTH project is a wonderful idea and is impressive in many ways.

I am just frustrated to come back after almost three years and find the same old routing bugs impeding my progress. I've had sacked staff and patients wandering the hospital endlessly, doctors pretending to work in rooms while enormous queues build outside, and rooms with permanently broken doors causing havoc. A significant chunk of my hospital management is spent trying to spot and prevent these bugs.

So this is what I think the project should prioritise:

1) Fix all routing bugs ASAP. Put everyone on this. Leave is cancelled. Perform Satanic ritual if necessary.
2) Implement the AI. The game feels close to being finished, but this omission is particularly glaring.

Optional extras that would be really nice:

1) Overhaul the machine popup. I never understood how machine strength, repair, etc works, and it's because the popup is totally uninformative. It doesn't even have machine strength on there!
2) Epidemics are also hard to understand. Have an info fax with an explanation arrive when the player meets their first epidemic on a level.
3) Make it possible to replay levels already beaten.

I wish everyone involved the best of luck with this project. I wish I was more of a coder so I could join in.

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