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Maps / Sacred Heart Hospital
« on: June 05, 2011, 02:32:51 PM »
Hi guys

Old fan of TH, I spend a couple of hours putting together this hospital in the map editor.

The hospital is named after the Scrubs TV series hospital.
It has two huge main buildings and two equally big expansions.
There is one smaller reception area where the sick people is generated. Another "fake" reception is added when buying expansion number 2. Do anyone know how to get guests to be generated here too?
I borrowed the level file from the Grand Hospital map and modified them, so thanks for that koanxd.

Unfortunatly my experience with CortixTH is that it is still to unstable to be played properly? I keep getting windows that can't be closed and timer errors. Anyone else experinencing this? Especially in larger maps with small hallways...

I tested the map a couple of times and fixed some errors. It seems playable until the timer errors appear or the pop up windows stop closing.

Thanks for the great work on CortixTH so far. Hope to see it get reach a stable version.

Comments, tips and questions are welcome.

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