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Research Department / Re: I'd Like to Rework the Music
« on: April 15, 2015, 11:41:24 AM »
It would be subject to intellectual copyright but not mechanical, so someone should make a reasonable attempt to determine who holds that copyright. I assume Bullfrog isn't exactly an entity anymore.

I don't assume anyone will be making any money out of this mod, which makes things a little lighter, but it's still reasonable to try and track someone down…

Research Department / Re: I'd Like to Rework the Music
« on: April 10, 2015, 06:27:08 PM »
Hey people,

I've come out of my hole.

Here's a video of a mixing session for one of the tunes. What do you guys think?

Hospital Café / Hard Mode on TH
« on: March 19, 2014, 10:01:43 AM »
I haven't been able to find many discussion particular to playing on the Hard difficulty level on the net, so I thought I'd ask here.

Anyone taken this on and have any tips? The first thing I noticed is that the drug effectiveness is set lower at the start. While you don't get lose a level for killing a certain number of people any more, you've got to pump research into drugs for the sake of fewer deaths for your reputation score, thereby racking up loads of salary costs and time before you can research new rooms. Sometimes I start research immediately, leaving the hospital to open at the last possible time so I can catch up on a bit of drug research. Oh, and the computer doesn't ever get researched (for me) in the later levels.

I worked through Hard mode and have got to the final level, but with a reputation minimum of 450 and drug effectiveness starting on 66, oh and buildings costing loads more, I haven't got past the second year.

So, anyone else struggled through hard mode?

Research Department / Re: I'd Like to Rework the Music
« on: February 09, 2014, 09:47:20 AM »
I've just got a new system, so I started last night. I've managed to isolate the MIDI tracks (musical data, basically), from the original and have been tweaking it. I'll let you know when I've got something tangible.

How about a 'stay in zone' or 'stay in building' mechanic – this would make the player set up a zone/building in which the rooms are set to specific doctor types.

EG, a building with two GP's offices, two consultants who can't leave the building and a staff room; a building with an Op Theatre, inflator, staff room and three surgeons – while a surgeon isn't necessary for inflation, it'd make sure there are enough surgeons for the theatre while allowing clinic in the building. If it could be switched on/off on a per-zone basis, this would keep the right talent in the right rooms, and would still allow staff to switch to an extent if necessary.

Research Department / Re: I'd Like to Rework the Music
« on: January 14, 2014, 10:45:39 AM »
I'll let you know when I have something to show, and opinions can be taken from there :)

But yeah, 'remix' / 'remaster' of the original theme music may be the best way to describe it

Research Department / Re: I'd Like to Rework the Music
« on: January 13, 2014, 05:18:05 PM »
Sorry, I said Bullfrog, I suppose it'd be EA now

Research Department / Re: I'd Like to Rework the Music
« on: January 13, 2014, 05:06:34 PM »
I think it would only be an issue of intellectual property, rather than physical property (ie, the ideas of the composition of the music, rather than the data that transmits music on the original CD itself). So it would probably infringe as much or as little as anything else in CorsixTH does – the concept, etc.

Have you guys actually given Bullfrog a shout and told them what you're doing? A third-party open-source project isn't necessarily bad for them, as it'll encourage more people to buy the original game – "hey I used to play that and now it's got this extra functionality, awesome!" Ka-ching!

Plus, if no-one's making money out of CorsixTH, isn't it on fairly safe ground in terms of copyright?

Research Department / Re: I'd Like to Rework the Music
« on: January 13, 2014, 10:31:16 AM »
Oh, cool – so there's already some original composition in there, and it sounds (from those links) pretty true to the original.

What I was talking about, specifically, is reimplementing the MIDI code, running it through some modern software instruments and having it ready as WAV files. In other words, it'd be the same songs, just sounding 'like real music', and it won't vary from soundcard to soundcard.

Of course, I'm not knocking the original music we know and love – it's classic – I'm suggesting an option in the jukebox to use higher-quality stuff, actual audio, that would have had too big a file size for the original game.

Research Department / I'd Like to Rework the Music
« on: January 12, 2014, 11:23:34 PM »

I've been enjoying CorsixTH and have been thinking more and more about the music of the original game, which is wired deep into my childhood brain.

Nowadays I'm a music producer, and I'm considering extracting the MIDI files from the original and using modern production methods to rework the music.

What would you guys think about offering an optional pack of WAVs/MP3s to download for use in the jukebox?  8)



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