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Hospital Café / Re: Two Point Hospital has been released
« on: November 24, 2018, 03:02:04 AM »
I already finished it, I think it's way better than Theme Hospital. Unlike TH, the gameflow is purposely unbalanced so you will always have something to do, you can never achieve a self-running hospital, and later on the player will have to triage the patients manually which some think it turns it into a push-the-button game, but it's not that bad. Sometimes can be quite challenging to obtain 3 stars on a level, I personally find it very addictive although it could use some improvements here and there, but the developers seem to update the game frequently. You can check out the gameplay on Youtube, search for "Two Point Hospital let's play" or something like that.

Off Topic / Re: Original save game structure
« on: November 21, 2018, 10:38:16 PM »
CorsixTH uses its own save system so I'm not sure how Theme Hospital is saving game data, the only documentation I could find is this (scroll close to the end): . It could give you a start and you may also try to contact the guy who wrote it if you have questions.

Hospital Café / Re: TV
« on: October 23, 2018, 05:43:54 PM »
Anything is possible, but it's not that easy, you need to write some actions for staff who are wandering around, in the meander.lua file. You can look at the code that makes them play the arcade, copy it and change it so they can use the TV in a similar way. You will also need to modify the TV so it can be "used", or you can just make the staff move in front of the closest TV and look at it for a while. But you should get used to the code if you like modding the game, asking here won't help much because there can be many changes required and no one will do them for you.

Hospital Café / Re: Plants
« on: October 10, 2018, 01:38:16 PM »
You mean to let people walk over plants? Same file, find all complete_cell = true and set them to false, I think it should work.

Have fun!

Hospital Café / Re: Plants
« on: October 09, 2018, 05:29:04 PM »
Yep, to change the drying time, in the same file find the line
local days_between_states = 75
and change it to whatever value you want, for example 150 will make the plants last double.

Hospital Café / Re: Plants
« on: October 08, 2018, 05:33:17 PM »
You can edit the Lua\objects\plant.lua file, go to function Plant:tickDay() and replace
self:setNextState() with
self:setNextState() if self.current_state >= 5 then return end

But that would be a bad idea, plants will slowly disappear from the game if they aren't watered in time which can be very annoying.

Hospital Café / Two Point Hospital has been released
« on: August 30, 2018, 05:15:09 PM »

Two Point Hospital, the remake of the old Theme Hospital, has been released today on Steam:

Translations / Re: Found mistakes in the original strings
« on: July 06, 2018, 12:51:21 PM »
Thanks for your input, let us know if you find more issues! Please note that the original strings come from the original game, so stuff like "This objective is to kill fewer than %" were designed to sound wrong in order to be more funny by the developers of Theme Hospital.

While trying to fix some stuff, I've recently ended up cleaning and rewriting almost the entire Lua code. While doing so, I've come to realize that CorsixTH is as good as dead with the present code, it's like a swiss cheese dropped in the dust and stepped on by many people, so don't delude yourself, CorsixTH will NEVER get any real updates.

Unfortunately, the current devs aren't very serious about it, if I was able to do so much in a few days, I'm sure they would have been able to do a lot more over so many years, if they really wanted to. As for the project manager, he's uncommunicative and unwilling to accept new changes, literally holding the project back, and the mods here on the forum only know how to send people to Github, where they are pretty much ignored... The only option I see is to create a new project derived from CorsixTH and release it somewhere else, sometime in the future, but not sure if it's worth the trouble, are people still playing this game? Besides, a new version of Theme Hospital will be released this year, full 3D and everything, so this could be it for CorsixTH...

Meanwhile, I've already released a temporary patch (see the Private Clinic thread in the Hospital Café) that fixes many of the issues you're talking about, you should give it a go, it still uses the old dirty code, but if you want to enjoy the game, I guess it's better than nothing at this point.

Hospital Café / Private Clinic - Unofficial Patch 1.1
« on: June 06, 2018, 04:15:06 PM »
Private Clinic - Unofficial Patch 1.1
Copyright (c) 2018 "LeDocteur"

This is an unofficial patch for CorsixTH 0.61, adding some modifications and temporarily fixing bugs in order to make the game more enjoyable, until better official solutions are found. Overall, the game should now be playable without any major issues, have fun!

Change log:
- version 1.1
Fixed: Patients should no longer get stuck inside rooms.
Fixed: Staff members can no longer be picked multiple times at the same time.
Fixed: Surgeons now correctly change outfit when picked and placed, and they shall cause no more trouble.

- version 1
Fixed: Handymen no longer freeze when placing an object over them while cleaning some litter.
Fixed: The Grim Reaper was causing fatal crashes and has been disabled until a better fix is found.
Mod: Machines no longer explode, but their max strength will be greatly reduced instead, forcing the player to replace them.
Mod: Hovering the mouse over a machine will also display its researched max strength (e.g. Strength: 11 of 21).
Fixed: Toilet ghosts (patients who kept visiting toilets again and again, even after they died).
Fixed: Doors no longer get locked with staff and patients caught inside (bugged doors now get unlocked at the end of the month or whenever they are clicked).
Improved: Patients get stuck inside rooms less often.
Fixed: Specialists no longer abandon their rooms when the "staff leave rooms" option is disabled (Surgeons will remain in the Operation Theater and will no longer end up in GP's office and so on).
Improved: Emergencies will now warn if the player didn't discover a disease (although the disease can still be cured if the corresponding treatment room is built, this will require a deeper fix).
Mod: Epidemics have been enabled for all maps, with a moderate frequency.
Added: new map, "Dream v3".

How to install:
Download and unzip the file bellow into your CorsixTH folder, overwriting existing files. To uninstall the patch, you will have to reinstall CorsixTH again (or manually restore the changed files from a backup).

Edit: Updated to version 1.1

Research Department / Add a release for tools too
« on: May 21, 2018, 01:16:01 PM »
Could you please include any tools with the release, like AnimView, or at least offer a separate download for them? And how can we access the game sound and music files, are there any extractors available?

Maps / Dream
« on: May 20, 2018, 03:58:30 PM »
Map description:

You've always dreamt of becoming a Health Minister yourself so you've decided to push forward with your own private clinic.

You have picked a promising area, although the land prices are a bit high here. Expand whenever you can afford and deal with any problems that may arise.

Get $5,000,000 in cash, a strong reputation of 900, achieve an 80% cure ratio with at least 3000 patients cured, and raise your hospital value above $500,000, to humiliate your opponents.

Of course, you will now be at war with the current Health Minister, so don't give him any reasons to get rid of you.

Map details:

- long run winning conditions, don't worry if you mess up in the beginning
- moderate population, but be aware of spikes, having more GP's offices is a must
- mild earthquakes
- 2 or 3 random emergencies per year
- mediocre staff, building a training facility is recommended
- spicy terrain prices, but affordable


Edit: Updated to version 3

Emergency Room / Re: Patient stuck halfway through consultation
« on: May 16, 2018, 04:58:17 PM »
I have encountered this problem as well, it ruins the whole game! I checked the github and this is a very old bug. For other rooms it works to edit the room and the patient will leave, but for the Cardiogram it doesn't work at all.

If the pathfinding is failing and if it's too hard to find the bug, then a quick fix would be to teleport the stucked patient to the nearest free tile (like other games do), I think this may fix other problems as well. It would still be better than losing hours of play since the problem persists through saved games...

Research Department / Re: destroyed rooms
« on: May 16, 2018, 04:33:36 PM »
I have stopped playing the original game for this very reason, please fix this! As the very motto of CorsixTH says, it's supposed to clone AND IMPROVE the original. Here is a quick solution:

- when a room is destroyed, it disappears completely as if it was edited and removed by the player
- rubble is automatically placed where the room used to be, including over the nearby walls
- one or more handymen will come and clean up random tiles as if it was common litter, except it will take a lot longer to clean up each tile
- when a tile has been cleaned up, any walls surrounding that tile will be cleansed as well
- when all tiles have been cleansed, the player will be able to rebuild there

I think this is a nice solution and easy to implement, if I would be familiar with LUA and the CorsixTH project (or at least had the time) I would have already done it myself... I also believe the quakes should do a lot less damage, they are supposed to force the players to take some action, not to handicap them! Right now I have hacked the machine.lua so that the machines won't explode anymore, but it kinda feels like cheating, oh well...

Anyways, CorsixTH is an amazing project, I had many hours of fun playing it, thank you all for making it possible and keep up the good work! :)

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