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Well, in my country, Sweden, the doctors don't just wander around from room to room when they are needed. They usually have their own room, a full time employment, for example as a psychiatrist. And even if they are hired temporary they usually get their own room.

I suggest you can bind a doctor to a certain room, where they are and should be when they are not resting. If they are resting then other doctors can jump in and take their place. As soon as, for example the psychiatrist, is well rested he directly takes the place of the "stand-in".
And if you haven't bound a doctor to a certain room, the normal rule applies in which a free doctor go to that room.

I think this idea would be really nice in the future if doctors have more special skills than just surgeon, shrink and scientist. More management of your staff.

Maps / Dalhem
« on: April 09, 2011, 06:15:38 PM »
My first creation. I hope you like it.

Level briefing:
"The Republic of Gutland have recently passed a number of laws to let the private sector become part of the new health care system, and now you want to profit from it(you greedy bastard!).  The local government in the city of Dalhem have granted you to build their new hospital. It's a wonder you got the contract, as the big banks won't lend you money, because of a few mistakes made in the old days, and the only real alternative is to take loans from crime bosses and slumlords. And we all know what that means... HUGE interest rates! //Created by pilen"

I have set the winning conditions rather high, for long gameplay.
Start cash = 40000
Interest rate = 15%

Reputation = 800
Balance total = 700000
People handled = 80
People cured = 800
Hospital value = 200000

Losing conditions:
Reputation = 200
Balance total = -10000

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