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Emergency Room / Handyman error still here
« on: January 20, 2013, 01:45:30 PM »

Playing a level today I still get the handyman error, come sup with
Sorry, but an error has occured, there can be many reasons -
see log window for details
would you like to attempt recovery.

The handyman freezes where it is and when u sack him says Exit but he stays frozen.
Happened once when a machine blew up, also happened when he was repairing x-ray.
when it happens usually 2 or 3 happen at same time.
Also one time it happened no buttons work just went red when u pressed.

Also had humaniod error, a humanoid just had an empty action queue which mean he/she doesnt know what to do next. But this one usually resolves itself and the patient goes.

screenshot of error logs attached.

Also, when i load programme says sometimes:-
Lua JIT not being used
consider replacing LUA with LUAjit to improve performance.

But is it the handyman error that is the main problem.

I use XP.
version of corsix TH 0.11


Hospital Café / Other illness etc
« on: January 06, 2013, 01:31:07 PM »

I was looking for a way to improve the graphics on Theme Hospital on the internet as I love the game still but looked awful on widescreen, and I am so glad I came across this CorsixTH, looks great like a new game!

Theme Hospital could have so much potential to expand with new illnesses, rooms etc. I do not suppose that is easy to create a patch to make new illness or any new features? Only one we have once was that pregnancy patch.

Anyway well done on making it a nice looking game again  :)  .


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