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Translations / Spanish translation [EspaƱol]
« on: June 15, 2015, 12:28:41 AM »
Hi to all
I just registered right now.
This game is one of my favourites and i have played it since i was 8.
I'm tracking the project since more than 2 years, but I haven't make up my mind to help the project until now.
I'm from Spain and i would like to make the correct translation to Spanish (the original game had some flaws). Traducing from english is one of my skills(not reversal hahaha :D) ; i dont have any problem playing it in English but i think this is one of the ways I could help by now.

I almost finished my exams so in a few days i will have much free time. Ill be reading the translation guide and i'll make you know when i'm done.

And finally i wanted to thank all the people who work on this project and make CorsixTH possible to happen.


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