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Hospital Café / Few questions & other little things
« on: March 29, 2011, 03:56:48 PM »

first great game by Bullfrog, great game by the corsix-th team!

2 little things:


Is the pregnant patch included (http://www.eudoxus.demon.co.uk/thc/links.htm)


How can I get the cursor for windows?
I mean the little "injection" (or gun, or nozzle or also called "gun") from the main menu!
If I click, it moves up and down, and I like that :)
I tried to find the .ani or .cur in the THEME HOSPITAL game files and in corsix-th game files.
But I haven't found this cursor for windows :S
Any help how to get this little thing? :D


& keep up your work!

Edit: I looked up with AnminViewer.exe, but still didn't find that cursor!!

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