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Translations / New helpful feature for translators
« on: December 30, 2010, 07:14:57 AM »
Hey everyone,

in r1142, I added some code to CorsixTH that could be a lot of help for you translators.

As many of you may know, you can make CorsixTH provide you some text files (debug-strings-orig.txt, debug-strings-new-grouped.txt and debug-strings-new-lines.txt) with all strings in the currently selected language, by selecting "DUMP STRINGS" (or equivalent in your language) from the debug menu.

If you do this in CorsixTH r1142 or later with a language other than english selected, an additional file called debug-strings-diff.txt will be created that compares strings defined in the current language with english. The file will contain two sections, the first listing all strings that are missing, i.e. defined in english but not in your language, the second listing superfluous strings, i.e. NOT defined in english but for some reason defined in your language (e.g. a typo, or it was removed after you translated it and we forgot to remove it in your language) .

An Example:
For norwegian, this file currently looks like this (excerpt):
debug_patient_window.caption = "Debug Patient"
tooltip.cheats_window.close = "Close the cheats dialog"
tooltip.cheats_window.cheats.end_month = "Jumps to the end of the month."
tooltip.cheats_window.cheats.emergency = "Creates an emergency."
tooltip.cheats_window.cheats.win_level = "Win the current level."
[... many more strings ...]
menu_file_save[6] = "  GAME 6  "
menu_file_save[7] = "  GAME 7  "
menu_file_save[8] = "  GAME 8  "
totd_window.tips[20] = "CorsixTH ble for f

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