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Research Department / Touch screen support
« on: May 26, 2014, 02:46:35 AM »

I just acquired a new Windows 8 powered tablet and CorsixTH was literally the first thing I installed.

Most of the stuff seems to work fine, I can pinch-to-zoom, I can hold-to-right-click (rotate). Placing items doesn't seem to work by just tapping, I rather have to drag the item to it's final position, which is nice, because I get kind of a preview before I place it. I don't even mind the tiny menus as I can easily navigate them by dragging my finger over them.

The only thing that's really not working well is scrolling. Scrolling by moving mouse to edge does work, but it's not well suited for touch screen. Sometimes it won't work, sometimes it won't "let go", it really destroys the gameplay.

An option to pan the screen with left mouse button is everything it needs to work well on touch screen. Please, make it happen :-)

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