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Research Department / Possible research material
« on: November 08, 2013, 01:52:09 AM »
Found this user guide under "edocs" on my original Theme Hospital cd. It explains a few questions people have had. Have a look and hope it helps.

Eg Training Rooms page 16 "When Doctors reach a high level of ability, they become eligible for promotion. Promotion is automatic. When a Doctor is promoted, he undergoes a period of probation. For a Junior being promoted to a Doctor, this period lasts six months. For a Doctor to be promoted to a Consultant, the probation period lasts twelve months. During probation periods, Doctors function at their new level but for the old salary."

"How long it takes to train a Doctor depends on how many Doctors you send for training at any one time. The more Doctors attending a training session, the longer the session takes. Furnishing the Training Room with Skeletons and Bookcases helps to reduce this length of time."

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