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New members / Hello! :3c
« on: May 03, 2011, 05:56:03 PM »
Hah, I've just been lurking around here and never got around to posting xD;

Like many on here, Used to play this game long ago, and months ago, I remembered it and off to Google I went. Took me awhile cause I forgot the title of the game Lmao;;

But when I found it, and stumbled upon the site holy crap, CorsixTH thank youuu 8DD; I'm so happy you guys did this <33

Edit: Oh, should I keep this intro thing going? o wo;;
I'm 21, Like to draw, and sit on the computer all day. I'm currently in JC in their Advanced Computer Systems Administrator vocation, aiming to become an MCITP.
Know no coding, think the best I could do is bring up issues/bugs D': that's it!

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