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Language Status / Re: Polish translation
« on: February 06, 2013, 10:45:45 PM »
Just  a quick note - you have to be logged in to see attached files.

Translations / Re: CorsixTH Translation Guide
« on: January 16, 2013, 11:17:05 PM »
So you want to help translate?

Great, take a look at the stuff below

First, one Important thing:
If there is work to do, we will announce it via email and in the forum (So you might want to check out the post of your language here: http://forums.corsixth.com/index.php/board,11.0.html). Please let us know what you do, when you do, so we can keep track of the translations process and the status of all languages. This can (and should) happen via PM (to "Bluebaerry" or "SimplyRyan") or email.

Depending on how technical you are this can go one of two ways:

The first way is to simply get stuck in and start editing files, once you are comfortable we can provide access to the google code site and let you submit your files/updates directly.

The second is where we provide you a little assistance, providing the text in a generic format via email which you return and we enter into the game on your behalf. We will dig a little deeper into the first way, regarding the other method feel free to contact us directly (via the forum messaging system) to get you up and running!

Getting Started

Before we dive in lets touch on some finer details.

We have two types of languages:

The first one is languages that are already in the original game. Most of the translation work is already done for us but over the course of development we have added new
text or changed existing text (due to technical reasons or features). For example the French language is in the original game but we have around 750 new lines on top of the original.

We also have languages that weren't in the original game these include Russian and Dutch for example. These are 100% new to the game and at present stand at around 2,500 lines of text.

Really Getting Started

The best way to get started is to start working on a  local copy of the game language files, you can find the language files in the \Lua\languages\ folder where you installed the game. I suggest making a copy of the folder before you get started.

I suggest using Notepad++ to edit the files, you must remember to set UTF-8 when editing files. You can download Notepad++ from the following link http://notepad-plus-plus.org/

The image below shows where to set UTF-8, I also recommend setting “Show All Characters” this will show line returns, spaces and tabs – very useful!

Once the text editor is set-up we need to know what to translate. Follow the points below:

  • Start the game in whatever language you will be working on
  • Start a new game, any difficulty works
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+D

Once the above has been completed a series of debug files will be saved in the same folder as your save games (on Windows this is C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\CorsixTH).

For Português you will see the following:

  • debug-strings-new-lines.txt
  • debug-strings-diff-português.txt
  • debug-strings-new-grouped.txt
  • debug-strings-orig.txt

The one we are interested in is debug-strings-diff-português.txt, this file shows the strings that have not yet been translated (e.g. they don’t appear in \Lua\languages\ folder\portuguese.lua) when opened in Notepad++ you will see the following:

Code: [Select]
misc.hospital_open = "Hospital Open"
misc.save_success = "Game Saved Okay"
misc.save_failed = "ERROR: Could Not Save Game"
misc.low_res = "Low Res"
misc.grade_adverb.extremely = "extremely"
misc.grade_adverb.mildly = "mildly"
misc.grade_adverb.moderately = "moderately"

The first part of the line is the variable used by the game, the text between the quotes is the actual text that appears in the game –  sensitive to spaces so watch out!

From here you can start to translate and saving any progress you make, changes here wont automatically go into the game to do that open up portuguese.lua and copy in the lines you translated (while you can enter the new lines anywhere it would be nice to put them into some kind of order – see the other languages for examples).

A few things to note:

Whitespace is included, so any spaces will appear in game
When testing changes to your <language>.lua you need to restart the game to see them


Q: I want to help but I'm quite new to the game
A: No problem, head over to this forum post which has lots of useful information - http://forums.corsixth.com/index.php/topic,3446.0.html

Q: Do I need any special tools to help translate?
A: Not right now, you can use any text editor that supports UTF-8. I personally use Notepad++.

Q: I want to create a new language that you don’t already have
A: Wonderful! Firstly it's a huge undertaking as we have thousands and thousands of lines of text, so ideally we would like a few people to work on a new language, but don’t let the amount of text worry you - contact us and let's talk!

The CorsixTH Localisation Team
SimplyRyan & Bluebaerry

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