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Research Department / Re: Disease suggestions
« on: January 27, 2018, 11:47:11 PM »
name: Radiation man
Cause: Sticking your tongue on an electrical socket while drinking radioactive waste.
Symptoms: green glow surrounded by electric lightning
Cure: after decontamination and a DNA fix, talk to a psychiatrist to convince the patient that humanity does not exist. its just a mirage.

diagnosis: GP office, general diag, blood test.
cure: decontamination - DNA fixer - Psychiatrist.

Name: Photoshop Syndrome
Cause: editing all family photos to have multiple extra limbs to prove you are an alien.
Symptoms: having extra arms and legs (would need new graphics, the limbs could just be the same cast legs and arms used for the broken bones patients on top of a regular NPC as extra limbs)
Cure: a surgery to remove the fake limbs pasted with glue, followed by a psychiatrist convincing the patient that photoshop does not exist.
diagnosis: GP office, X-ray, Blood test, Infirmary ward.
Cure: Surgery ward, psychiatrist.

Name: Polluted Air
Cause: smoking too much chocolate cigarrettes.
Symptoms: the patient will be sorrounded by a smoke half-transparent cloud. (need new graphics)
Diagnosis: GP office, Blood test, x-ray, Infirmary ward.
Cure: a decontamination shower, followed by a visit to the psychiatrist to convince the patient the air does not exist. we are on the matrix!
(cure) decontamination, psychiatrist.

Off Topic / what about "two point hospital" thoughts???
« on: January 27, 2018, 07:06:36 AM »
hello. i came here cause i am very curious to know what the community of corsixth thinks about the "spiritual successor" of theme hospital? it is said to be made by some of the original people from bullfrog now working with sega.

also the screenshots they have released and the teaser trailer makes it look like TH but on HD and fully rendered 3D models and characters, aldo it seems the same game with a graphical makeover and an expansion to the original game.

i will leave the link for the steam page (its already on steam to be released in some point of 2018) and there is info out there. just put on google or any search engine you use "two point hospital" and you will get tons of articles talking in depth.

anyways do you think it will be good as the original? it will suck (as any sega game lately) ? or it will be the awesome successor to theme hospital we always wanted? (someone did compared the two point hospital game to planet coaster, an awesome roller coaster tycoon spiritual succesor witch i play and makes me feel stunned on the realism it has!)
here is the link for two point hospital:

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